Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuxedo Love

It seems like bows and tuxedo inspired pieces are everywhere! I personally like it... making something so masculine as a tuxedo into fab feminine creations, whether it be on bras, belts or shoes. The black and white combination is a timeless classic!

Whilst online shopping (more like online window shopping LOL), I ran into a cute tuxedo tank top... but it was selling for $50!! yikes....
I knew I can put something together & make something very similar to it without spending too much $$.
this is definitely a D.I.Y. moment (D.I.Y. = Do It Youself; for those of you who dont know, now you know!)
Easy peasy...

These are the items I used: Old Navy's - Ruffle Tank ($15), Forever21's Sequined Bow Headband ($4), scissors & safey pin!
I wanted to had a little more pizazz with the sequined bow, but you can use any kind of bow (patterned, satin..etc).
Basically, I just carefully cut off the bow on the headband and safety pin the sequin bow in the middle of the shirt! TADA!!! :)

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