Friday, February 26, 2010

Gaga + Body Jewelry

Remember THIS post regarding Body jewelry chains?? If not, let me refresh yo memory :D
It so happens... that I see GAGA working the pages of Q Magazine with this torso concoction .. but of course with a million more chains.
Looks like it was a "YAY" for Lady Gaga. lol. She's most definitely doing her crazy thannng!

Rouge Coco Chanel

Eeeek. so exciting, Rouge Coco came out today... and I had to get my hands on one. The lucky lady who went home with me was Mademoiselle No. 05. I love it. The only other lipstick I owned was a nude MAC lipstick.. its so new ... and so beeeeeauuuutiful haha
ahhhh.. true love <3 <3 LOL

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nails Did -- Lace

Picked up some lace trim a looooong time ago at MOOD Los Angeles wanting to do a fancy lace nail design. I've been putting this off for about 300 years, lol. but finally... I did it. I did not wanna over-do-it and added the lace on top of my Essie "Flirty Pink" (bright neon pink) on only two of my fingers!
What do you think?? I'm kinda loving it, im not gonna lie :D

Here are a couple other ways you can LACE yo nails..

You can lace up all ten of your fingers... Check out Fresh Fiend's version of lace nails HERE (pictured above)

Or... lace up the tips! soooo cute!
Check out Sharlene's tutorial HERE 

Thoughtful Thursday -- Kelly Cutrone

After watching Kelly Cutrone on MTV's The Hills, and now on her new show on Bravo "Kell on Earth," I fell in love with her strong will to get everything done at the same time as being successful and a single mother.  My favorite quote, that Ryan Seacrest pointed out in her Book (pictured above) on his radio show, is regarding the word BITCH.

"I have never seen Bitch as a bad word. Instead I see the word for what it is, a reflection of people's lack of creativity and inability to acknowledge and embrace powerful women."

- Kelly Cutrone

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zig-Zag Wedges -- Yay or Nay?

Wowza.. These are crazzzzy wedges.. I ran across these "Zig-Zag" Wedges while online window shopping! It's kinda dramatic and definitely a show-stopper. Yay or nay???
You can get your own at Victoria Secret for $89 a pop!

What We're Wearing Wednesdays

For Wednesday, Sarah seemed to dress a little more appropriately for the "chance of drizzle" weather, lol.
She's definitely rockin' the sweatshirt style vest from Forever21 really well! She paired it with a plain white men's v-neck T by Hanes, her shiny nylon leggings by American Apparel, and light grey pumps are from H&M. Her accessories include white and silver bracelets from Forever21.
Nikki's trying to channel the Spring/Summer seasons by pulling out the shorts early; no pairing with tights here...
The black shorts are by Macy's INC brand, T-shirt is by American Apparel and designed for the band One Republic. The striped cardigan is by Old Navy and Brown pumps are by Nine West. Her accessories are from Forever21 and H&M.

Future Wicked Deal

Starting Sunday, March 7, Target will feature designs by iconic designer Jean Paul Gaultier!

Gaultier describes his collection for Target, saying, “My collection with Target pays homage to the wide range of personalities that make up the diverse styles of American women. From ingĂ©nue to rock ‘n roll, this collection celebrates women of all ages and a host of distinctive, iconic American styles.”

The images above feature some of the different and diverse pieces that make up part of Jean Paul Gaultier's collection for Target. At first I was a bit hesitant after looking at the collection and couldn't figure out his theme. Then, after reading his philosophy behind the collection, I could definitely see his genius peek through. Having so many pieces allows the customer to be creative in their own right, while still applying past, present and future style to their wardrobe.
The price range for his collection at Target will range from $17.99 to $199.99 (being that his leather jackets are real! haha)

To get a more extensive sneak peek at the collection, click here. I credit for providing these looks before they hit Target stores.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Fit

Tuesday, I decided to go for a Spring(ier) look and hone in on the khaki/neutral looks for this season.
I wore my new Old Navy pants, which are regular length, but rolled them to give a cropped look and to show off my fabulous Nine West heels.
The cropped jacket is by Ann Taylor Loft and white short sleeve with breast pocket is from Nordstrom.
Necklace is from Macy's and bangles are made of bamboo and were purchased in Maui.

Nail polish is "Mean Green" from Claire's Accessories. Love this color!

Transitional Thinking

-"Phillip Lim's Leather Top Bridges The Gap Between Two Trends"-

"What's a woman to do when her closet full of leggings and studded tops is made instantly obsolete by a season's worth of camel hair, gray flannel, and glen plaids? Is there a happy medium? This 3.1 Phillip Lim shirt comes close. The black leather is a nod—not a scream—to 1983, but the cropped silhouette is sleek enough to pair with the new high-waisted, wide-legged trousers. Baby steps, ladies, baby steps! " -featured in, 'Item of the Week' report

Trendy Travelin'

If you're planning on traveling this Spring Break or Summer Break, make sure you travel stylishly! If your travels are enduring, opt for the more comfy casual look that includes flats and breathable materials. If you're just hopping on a plane to Vegas or anywhere else that only requires a few short hours, you can throw on those jeans and heels without worrying about tampering with your whole wardrobe. gives us examples of what styles to choose depending on your length of travel.
Featured below, are some items found at our more cost reasonable outlets. These outlets, of course include, Forever21, Urban Outfitters and Express.
Here are some comfortable ideas, suitable for those trips which require arduous hours of traveling.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Outfit

Nikki's outfit for Monday includes a yellow v-neck from Old Navy's newest shipment, her black tuxedo vest is from Forever21, and her black skinny jeans are from ANGL. The blue suede pumps are from, and the bangles are from H&M and Forever21, mixed.
I also wanted to show how I dressed up this black tuxedo vest for today's wardrobe, as opposed to the dressed-down look I created last week.

Big Belts

Add some flare to your Spring dresses and Skirts by adding a thicker, military style belt to your wardrobe. Incorporate heavy pieces from colder seasons to slowly transition your way into the warmer climates.
Check out our favorite places like Forever21, Express, and Urban Outfitters, to get your hands on these fun pieces!

Luella Heart Cut-Out for Less

Early January I blogged about the Lolita style and this cute Luella Dress in Spring/Summer 2010 collection that the wonderful Alexa Chung is workin!
I'd totally make that dress (in black) my own!!! So adorable with the tulip style bottom! .... well well... what do u know! There are a couple Luella inspired dresses I found..
The Black Heart Dress is found at Gosh Celebrity Fashion for $139; and the other two heart cut out dresses at ASOS -- Lipsy Polka Dot Dress $83 and Heart Insert Pencil Dress $62

Much more budget friendly and just as cute!

Makeup Monday -- Coco Rouge

I've been looking for a new lipstick for a long long long time... I'm more of a lipgloss kind of girl but I am opening up my horizons to bigger and better things like... CHANEL COCO ROUGE
(perhaps? haha)
Then I saw the sneak preview from Makeup & Beauty Blog of the Coco Rouge collection debuting February 25, which is this Thursdayy!!!! now.. I'm in love! <3 <3

Cambon 31, Legende 11, La Pausa 08, Mademoiselle 05, Perle 02

These babies are so.. so.. beeeeaaaauuutiful. I'm definitely eyeing Mademoiselle and Perle. But you can NEVER and i mean never judge a rooooouge by it's color.. you should always make sure it matches the shape of your lips, skin tone and overall compatibility... etc. Catch me at a Nordstrom in LA copping atleast ONE of these lovely ladies. haha 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Christian Siriano -- Coast Print

It's not a secret that I adorrrrrrrrrrre Christian Siriano.. and his Blue "Coast" print is taking overrrr... Amber Rose (who is gorgeous!!) is rocking Siriano's print dress at his very own New York Fashion Week fashion show.
Amber Rose pairs it up with the coast print pump (pictured below)!!! Good LAWWWD, they are fierce! Click the picture for bigger/better resolution.
Oh Rihanna and Kat de Luna is wearing the same dress/print also. They both worked it in their own kind of way!!! Haaaay.
Anywho, boos... You too can look ferosh in Christian Siriano's coast print heels at Payless! Available NOW in blue and orange! Click HERE for the awesome price of $35!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fits

Casual Fridays are just wonderful sometimes, don't cha think?
Sarah's keepin warm in her Military inspired jacket from Forever21, Hello Kitty shirt from Karmaloop, Jeggings by H&M and black Uggs!
Nikki's wearin a new cream colored boyfriend cardigan, blue levi's, black flat riding boots by Franco Sarto, and a cerulean blue camisole underneath for a hint of color.

Nikki's Nails

Thanks to Sarah, who is always rockin some creative manicure, I got inspired to have some fun with my nails as well.
I recently went to Claire's Accessories and found this Teal color, bottle name is actually "Mean Green", but I fell in love with it for the new upcoming seasons.
But, since we're still in the winter season, I added a little dark, sparkling detail to mix with the pastel.

Jeremy Scott 2010

As soon as I saw the "Style" Dress by Jeremy Scott for his 2010 FW Collection, I immediately became intrigued by his style. I featured a few of his items that walked down the catwalk this past week. I'm getting a whole super-spy, incognito feel from his collection.
I actually think I would wear some of these pieces. I'm definitely enjoying the boots, but also the last two items on the bottom right. The zipper dress is pretty hot!

For more of his collection, Click Here.

Fashionista Friday -- Victoria Beckham

Not only is Victoria Beckham a walking advertisement for Mr. Christian Louboutin, she's a fashionista. I love how she always looks so prim and proper and throws you a curve ball with her LOUBOUTINS!
Check these babies covered in Swarovski crystals going for a weee bit under $4,000!!!

These are some fierce spiked "dont Eff with me" Louboutins! chowwwww!
Pumps, peep-toes and booties, she has em all... and they are all... (you guessed it) Louboutins.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thurs Looks -- Gray Day

Looks like the FOG in Los Angeles dragged in our gray ensembles! LOL quite a coincidence that Nikki and I are both wearing gray and black.
Nikki came comfortable in an Old Navy off top (the same one I wore on Tuesday, different color, obviiii), Old Navy cargo trousers and cuuuute Forever 21 vest -- kinda like a blazer with no sleeves! She added her own steeeeez with her grandma's necklaces and Aldo silver gladiator sandals!
I kept it simple with a Forever21 dolman off the shoulder top, H&M skirt and GAP sandals with cute little roses on it! I love how we both decided to wear sandalssss.. its making me more eager for warmer weather!!
and if ya currrrrrious, I'm wearing China Glaze's "Light as Air" (left) and Nikki is wearing Essie's "Perky Purple" (right)

Forever 21 -- Beauty and the Beach

Forever 21 is once again loading up the stores with swim suits for cheap!!! yayyy!
Here are a couple look-book pictures for their March 1st launch! I'm pretty excited to see what they have to offer... but I'm liking the last monokini in yellow black and gray... we'll see when the whole collection is in stores and online. Will you be waiting???

Christian Siriano + Payless

Dear Christian Siriano,

I would wear every SINGLE item (especially your shoes!!) in your Fall 2010 collection. Please send them all to me in my size! xoxo

Love Always,
Word is that these shoes and others that aren't pictured will be in Payless stores in SEPTEMBER! Eeeeek.. definitely marked that on my calendar because I NEED WANT LOVE both those pumpss!!! askdas;kfhsdkfa'!!!! :P
(via WireImage courtesy of C. Siriano)

Nails Did -- Half & Half

Goodmorning lovelies, I wanted to grace your day with another one of my Nails Did pictures! :)
I wanted to do something a little different but at the same time easy to do! (and this was done by me, myself & I hahaha) I used China Glaze's "Light as Air" (that lavender, periwinkle, soft purple) and OPI's "Mad as a Hatter" (the other half, jammed packed with black, purple, silver glitter!)

I like how its kinda like TWO-FACE! haha sugar and SPPPPIIICCEE!!
you know I had to pick it up a notch, because I'm not into plain mani's if ya know what i meaaan!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spike Hoops -- Yay or Nay?

ZANNNGGG, i need a pair of these bad boys!! These Spike Hoops are $125 and are available online at Harmony Lane!! Getcho'ssss .... and get me a pair while ur at it!!! :)