Friday, December 18, 2009

Ombré Hair

Say WHAT?!? Ombré Hair is in!??....... yes!!!

Ombré hair is basically hair that has yet to be retouched/re-dyed.. ROOTS galore! haha Sometimes its hard and expensive to keep up with your hair (both Nikki and I know thats forsure!!).. However looks like some trendsetters are opting for a "surfer" look with this Ombré hair. -- "In the fashion world, ombré usually refers to a fabric dyeing process that produces a pale-to-dark gradation of color. For our purposes, the order is reversed, but the idea is the same nevertheless—hence the name." (WhoWhatWear)

Seems like I always have the Ombré look because my hair grows so fast.. Well, I guess its now considered "in" LOL :) yay.

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