Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love the color WHITE because for a tanned person like me white clothes, accessories, shoes just pop!
Nothing brings out your glowing bronzed skin than white. My skin color contrasts the white and I simply love it. However, White tends to be the most unflattering color if worn uncorrectly.... wamp wamp :o(
It hugs every little nook n' cranny, curve, ugliness, insecurities & everything you want to hide on your body. you must always remember to pick a good shape in dresses, shirts, pants.. etc., that compliment your body!! Trust me white is grrrrrrreat but it can also be terrifying! LOL

Fergie and Marion Cotillard both look STUNNING in their white gowns at New York's premiere for "Nine." Marion in Dior and Fergie in Marchesa Resort 2010.

Do you follow the fashion rule of NOT wearing white after Labor Day??!

Honestly, I never ever follow that rule.. Maybe it's an East Coast thing.... but I never caught on to why you can't or shouldn't... Anyone know?!

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