Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cubannie Links

I'm one for funky out-there ginormous accessories and Cubannie Links is right up my alley!
Check out Cubannie Links fabulous new "Calle Ocho Bow Ring" ($40) -- it comes in gold or silver and its FIRE! Loves it!

Here are other lovely pictures featuring Cubannie Links feroshness!

Cubannie Links is an independently owned specializing in "unconventional" handmade jewerly.

-The signature "Freedom Tri-rings" comes in different color options of your choice of 3 colors. ($54 -- medium)
*The Cuban flag features a triangle. The red triangle symbolizes equality, fraternity and freedom, hence, the name Freedom Tri-rings."

- Cortina Chain is a fabulous accessory for sunglasses that give you a bit of edge ($32--glasses not included)

- La Dinamica Bracelet ($62) and Milagros Bracelet ($50) are offered in different colors and off the chains!! (literally! hahaha)

(Images via  Fresh Fiends & Cubannie Links)

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