Monday, December 14, 2009

Stila Goodies & Brown Mascara

Being an avid reader of Temptalia -- I won $250 worth of Stila Makeup! How fabulous is that?!?!

Anyways, looking through bucket of goodness, I spotted Stila's Multi-Effect Mascara in Brown! My initial reaction was... BROWN?! seriously? :o(

BUT Nikki brought to my attention that brown mascara is actually pretty great! So... i opened my black-mascara-loving-mind up and heard her out..
She said:

"You know how black clothes are used as a slimming effect for your body? Well, same thing with your eyelashes! Therefore, using a dark brown mascara on the base and body of your lashes give sthem more depths & using Black for the tips will elongate them ever more"

I totally did not know that!
So i researched it a little, and found that brown mascaras aren't only for redheads or blondes! It essentially brings a more natural focus on your eyes. Success!

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