Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Hair


Can't decide how to do your hair this holiday season? Here are just a few looks to get you inspired for your celebrations!
Thanks to In Style, they've given us a few tips of where these looks are most appropriately worn.
January Jones=Try this at a fancy work event
Giselle=Literally Anywhere! (I'm thinking this looks for my New Year's Hair!)
America=How bout a date night, still keepin things flirty
Gwen=Cocktail Party
Alicia=Think Glamorous Soiree
Leighton Meester=Fun dinner with friends or family

To spruce that hair up even more, why not try some fun hair accessories? No need to downplay the accessories, wear these with all your jewelry too, the more the merrier, right? These items were featured online at In Style, and more like them can for sure be found at Forever21, Aldo Accessories, Express, or H&M...now good luck deciding, :)

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