Monday, December 21, 2009

Rodarte at Target

Rodarte at Target!

"Known for its unique textures and modern approach Rodarte is a fashion "it" brand. Now designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy are taking on Target, with an exclusive line inspired by the iconic women of their favorite films. The result? Artful shapes and directional style, without the runway price." -Rodarte for Target Stores

For those who are not too familiar with this Label, Rodarte was created in 2005, in Pasadena, our very own LA area, and launched by sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy.

They're designer pieces are featured in more than 40 premiere retailer stores and their clientele include names such as: Natalie Portman, Michelle Obama, Reese Witherspoon, Dita Von Teese, Cate Blanchett, and others. Now, they've teamed up with Target to bring their famous brand to us for a cheaper price!

I love the soft feminity of their pieces, yet there's an edge as well that allows you to mix and match pieces for your very own stylish look. Being that lace is very popular for the winter and spring seasons, these pieces are great to mix with the appropriate accessories for each season. Rodarte's looks for Target are fabulous in that they play up an almost fairy tale approach, thus allowing you to make so many various looks without going wrong. Rodarte for Target, in my opinion = Genius!

I recently purchased the featured see through blouse on the left. The model is also wearing a Rodarte bathing suit top underneath the blouse, which is also for sale at Target. The blouse is so cute and is so classy on with a nice pair of slacks and boots, I'll just throw on a plain cami underneath to tie it all together! I got it for $29.99. The super cute bowtie shirt is selling for $14.99, and the blue skirt, $29.99.

I absolutely love these sweater tops and raincoat. Sure they may not keep you too warm, yet they're detail is fabulous over any outfit! The white sweater is $44.99, black lace, $29.99 and also comes in a nude or golden color, and the raincoat is $39.99 and is paired with a matching miniature tote bag! so cute!

This season's hottest accessory, a leopard jacket is at Target for $79.99!, the gold dress is selling for $39.99, leopard bowtie belts, $12.99. The middle dress is $44.99, and the ever so cute, baby blue, baby doll dress is $39.99.

Loving the Dress paired with riding boots combination! This dress, which I tried on as a possible New Year's Dress goes for $39.99. It was very cute on, and the bottom half fit especially cute, yet this wasn't the proper color for my skin complexion. The middle dress is selling for $34.99. Lastly, how cool is this sequined dress with the skeleton of a rib cage? It is actualy out of stock right now, but we'll keep checking online at Target to see when they're back in stock. I saw only one left at the store, unfortunately not my size, but they're selling out fast! Get your hands on these awesome items before they're gone!

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