Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Boot Lovin' Trends

Now here's one of my favorite fall/winter trends that anyone can wear. Presenting the boot. Now of course they've already been seen and donned on every street corner since September, but nevertheless, we've selected a great assortment for those who've yet to attempt this look due to our gorgeous So Cal weather. But be afraid no more, cuz you know that cold climate is approaching. So for those who are waiting for the weather, bust out those ever so daring knee-high and thigh-high boots! You will for sure be one hot lady! Pair these looks with any sort of tights, skinny pants, leggings or short skirts/dresses and you're for sure going to get that cute guy's attention!

For those shorter ankle boots, this is a perfect way to incorporate your spring and summer dresses and skirts into your fall/winter wardrobes. Pair a dark bootie with floral dresses and top that floral or lace look with a dark leather jacket or a boucle (think Jackie Onassis) or trophy type of jacket, and you're it sister!

[Our choice sites for boots included: http://victoriasecret.com, http://stevemadden.com, http://asos.com, or the designer website or drool worthy, http://net-a-porter.com]

Be smart with your boot looks. Go for plain boots with wild tights and multi-designed outfits, or opt for that all black/winter outfit and some wild animal- print ankle boots like those featured below by Yves Saint Laurent. Or, be bold enough to try the white ones with the electric blue zipper from http://asos.com, those are definitely going on my Christmas Wish List to Santa this year! I can already imagine my cobalt blue and black outfit to match these pretty white boots. So mod, yet so futuristic as well.

True Art in Fashion. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this sculpted accessory. What I would'nt give to have these on my feet! Nicholas Kirkwood's Taupe Suede Platform Bootie are something to be desired! He has truly taken art and brought it to life. I have discovered love, lol! Thank you http://instyle.com/ for featuring these on your Obsessed page!

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