Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Men in Cardi's

CHOW! I loveeeeeeeee me some MEN IN CARDIGANS! ;)
Attention FashionMisters: You too can look fly like Kanye West or David Beckham with a Cardigan. Cardigans are now going further than your grandmother's closet and into Men's fashion... which has got me smiling ear to ear. I love love love it.
Cardigans soften a man's appearance with great sophistication and class. Pay attention guys because this is a dope trend out there.
See how our favorite male celebs are wearing their cardi's...

David Beckham (couldn't cut out the fashion queen Victoria Beckham lol), Kanye West, Carmello Anthony, P Diddy, Swizz Beats and Jay Z look reeeeal nice wearing all different styles/color combo cardigans. You do not need to go so bright or loud with your colors like Yeezy and Swizz, keep it simple with the greys, blacks & whites. Either way, its all good in the hood! :) :)

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