Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trendy Tuesday -- Khaki

this KHAKI Kraze is taking ovvvvver..
shift gears and put yourself on neutral.. Whether you wear it with a preppy twist or safari ferosh, khaki gives you a polished look.
The color is so calming and clean. They are great wardrobe basics and can easily be made into trendy outfits with the right accessories.

Start looking for khaki items and transform your spring wardrobe into something straight off runways.

Here are a collection of great khaki basics I put together.. both designer labels and great deals! (pictured above)
1. Forever 21 Studded Trench Coat ($42.80)
2. Burberry Ruffle Trim Trench ($795)
3.Gap Schoolboy Khakis ($20)
4. Converse One Star Landon Skirt ($19)
5. Forever21 Patent Ballet Slipper ($16.80)
6. Marc Jacobs Nylon Q Mabel Purse ($258)
7. Alexander Wang Safari Double Breasted Dress ($765)

Khaki by dianelynn featuring Burberry


  1. i love the flashy non traditional trenchcoats!!

    great blog u have here=)


  2. Thanks!!! :)
    those trenchcoats really are fab!!!