Monday, January 11, 2010

Is Clear the New Accessory?

Apparently CLEAR  accessories aren't just for strippers because according to InStyle's January issue, these transparent goodies "won't clash with your outfit, so wear them with anything!" -- designers like Prada have come out with these plastic, acrylic, transparent accessories in their Spring collection.

Dsquared and Prada
Even Burberry (above -- which i'd hella rock!!!) and Michael Kors (below)

What do you think about clear accessories?? ... I think i'd be reallllllllly picky with which clear items can be considered fashionable. I truthfully hate Michael Kor's ugly bulky collection of clear balls he calls a necklace! LOL. its so.... ugly. hahaha. but hey if u can work it, then WORK IT! :)

and I'll take those Fendi transparent platform heels on the bottom! oohhh weeee!

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