Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to Your Roots

As Sarah posted a couple weeks back, showing your natural root color is definitely more acceptable these days.

I am huge fan of celebrity hair stylist, Eva Scrivo's quote, "The depth created by a root line looks more natural and allows women to feel that their haircolor looks a bit more lived in. It feels more organic opposed to an opaque single color, which can look almost wig-like." She also cites the recent root surge as a harkening back to realistic, multi-dimensional hair instead of the overly uniform Barbie-like color of the past few years.

The ombre look gives more individuality and allows you to play up your own style.

Check out some of these celebrities who flaunt their roots on the red carpet, without any shame! So, now, don't be afraid of that natural color growing in, you can rock it too, just of course, in great fashionable taste.

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