Tuesday, January 12, 2010



I was recently checking out the Spring Catalogue for Nordstrom and came across these beauties...Michael Kors and Michele in particular did a wonderful job designing their Spring Collection Accessory watches. I am particularly very, very fond of the above tortoise shell and gold-framed watch (enlarged for aesthetic pleasure, lol) by Michael Kors. This is just the perfect look for the upcoming Sailor-esque/Resort look for S/S 2010. I find this so elegant, yet so stylish, and the best part is that it is such a chameleon piece.

I may just have to hint this as a birthday present, which, mind you, is in the Spring--coincidence? I think NOT!

These watches, with all their color and bling, are also great for the upcoming seasons. They're simple in design, yet their color detail says you're ready for the Sunshine and upbeat Seasons ahead! Everyone will be asking you for the time, just to catch a glimpse of these pretty pieces.

These Fossil watches combine a few of the season's trends. Following Sarah's recent post about the upcoming Acetate Accessory Trend, a little color is added to this industrial product for that extra POP! oooh, WATCH out!

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