Friday, January 8, 2010

The Cat's Meow


50's glamour is making it's way back through the revival of Cat-Eye sunglasses. After checking my emails this morning, and receiving style updates from Rachel Zoe herself, lol, actually from, she highlighted Cat-Eye sunglasses. Apparently, they're the sunglasses to be wearing for Spring 2010!
As I look through various images on, I'm trying to imagine who can really pull these off? Well, the great thing about fashion, especially today, is that there are so many different types of shells that can be used to fit different styles.
You can opt for your fancier shell or just a black or tortoise shell look...either way, I think these sunglasses will definitely add that extra flare to any outift.
In my opinion, they also exude feminity and sex appeal. They're fab when you're on the go and just running out in your plain weekend outfit; just put these on and instant 50's pin-up glam. Touch your lips with some gloss and you're for sure the Cat's MEOW!
They're great to mix and match themes, eras, fabrics and so on...
God Bless the fact that fashion is so versatile now-a-days!

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