Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy Day Looks

Even if it's raining cats and dogs and Los Angeles is on Tornado watch, Nikki and I kept it cute! :)
WHAT?!?! Ugly weather is not an excuse for ugly outfits! LOL

I <3 <3 <3 <3 Nikki's dorky chic ensemble!
Her sweater and scarf was actually from a Vintage Thirft shop (believe it or not! -- i totally didn't believe her lol). Cognac boots are from our favies Steve Madden. Yellow tank and tights are from Forever 21.
Don't let the glasses fool you, she's actually blonde! hahhaha I had to throw that one in there! :)

I, on the otherhand, did NOT take into much consideration that its RAINING! =| oops. hahaha
I just bought this grey off-the-shoulder sweater at Forever 21 and i kind of had to wear it! It is embellished with a huge bow on one side and pearls & jewels on the other. when I saw it, it was true love... it screamed my name because it semi plain but had a touch of bling or something extra!

Riiiiing fever! lol Nikki is rocking her grandma's real pearl and diamond rings and her badass two-finger cross ring. Wait, did i just use the words "grandma" and "badass" in one sentence!?? haha
and I'm wearing my new accessory obsession from Forever21-- not real bling but still 100% fierce, Sarah Fierce (yano, Sasha Fierce = Sarah Fierce hahahah oh yes i did :P)

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