Monday, January 18, 2010

Invading Purses

I thought it was real interesting to invade both our purses!! Kind of tells you something about your character...and I know you guys r curioussss! :)

CASE #1 -- Nikki's Purse:

- Fendi Sunglasses
- Sephora compact mirror
- Nikon camera
- Pacific Theaters Gift booklet
- Clinic dual Lipgloss & Perfume
- not 1, not 2, but THREE Maybelline Mascaras! lol
- Icebreaker mints
- Purple snakeskin hinge wallet
- Red wristlet containing dollah dollah bills ya'll hahah
- Napoleon fuchsia lipstick
- Purple makeup bag containing lipglosses.

CASE #2 -- Sarah's purse:

- Gucci wallet
- ONE bamboo heart earring (have no idea where the other one is lol)
- Urban Decay Eyeliner
- Stila mascara and lipgloss
- Sephora mini gloss
- Givenchy lipgloss
- MAC lipstick
(thats FOUR lip products!)
- Blackberry
- Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets
- keys
- Snacks -- Strawberry Hi-Chews & mexican candy
- and last but not least my little OPI bag of Band-aids, chapstick(s), aspirin and gum

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