Friday, January 15, 2010

Colored Boots

I have a love/HATE relationship with COLORED boots..
I generally think if you play it safe with the basic Black, Brown, Cognac & Gray boots, you're in the clear! however... people wanna go riskAY with the Red, Purple or even Blue boots... ackkk.... 
you have to be REALLY REALLY bomb to play off the funky colors. i mean REALLY fly! hahaha.

Unfortch, ladies... colored boots do NOT, i repeat do NOT work for most of you. take this lady for an example:

The red boots AND a red sweater?! gahh.... AND powder blue pants/jeans?!? too much, lady.
Holy F. Not cracking.
Try a simple black and white (and possibly even gray) with colored boots if you insist on wearing em! :)

**I feel real bad for posting this innocent lady on the blog, but i HAD to show you guys.... 

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