Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trendy Tuesday - Cobalt Blues & Royal Fuchsias

Blues and Purples are my favorite colors. Both colors are easy to wear and can make your outfit. I'm usually an all black person with a touch of brightness. These colors brighten up the day, whether it be touch on your nails or smokin' heels.

Natalie Portman at the premiere of "Brothers" throws on a stunning Jason Wu cobalt blue dress and daringly mixed the brights of yellow, teal AND purple. I kind of loves it. It's definitely dare devil city playing with all those colors but Natalie pulls it off! The vibrant colors are impeccable!

Below see my collection of blues and fuchsia/magentas -- affordable & some a littttttttle out of my league. lol

Of course you shouldn't wear all theses at the same time :P

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