Saturday, November 21, 2009

Matte Nail Polish

Okay, what's the big deal??
MATTE nail polish has been quite a fad lately. I thought it was pretty awesome and wanted to jump on that wagon, just like every other nail polish brand... from Essie to OPI to China Glaze.
I get how its "cuttingedge" "sophisticated" and "chic" but seriously after just a couple days of having Matte nails, the finish fades. It is not that great..
To me, a couple days with matte polish looks like dingy manicure. If you do not mind the matte finish fading after about week, be my guest. But please do not get me wrong, I like Matte nail polish, I just don't like having dingy nails after a week or so.

OPI Fall 2009 Matte Collection

 Love the look of Matte Nail Polish and Shiny tips (Zoya Matte Velvet Collection -- Dovima) but with the use of soap, hand sanitizers and lotion, the matte finish will not last.


  1. OPI is amazing. Though Essie does have some really amazing colors (I tend to think of Essie as a very girlie girl brand) OPI has staying power like no other.

  2. Agreed and agreed! I love OPI and Essie both!