Monday, November 23, 2009

Makeup Mondays Part II

As usual, Mondays are our least favorite day, as they are for almost everyone. Running late for work, both Nikki and I skipped putting on our mascara til we got to our desks! lol Equipped with our mascara and eyelash curlers... we notice that both our mascaras were running low! And having been mascara wearers for many years, we know that there is no way that mascara runs out soo quickly. Like lip gloss, there will always be that extra mascara stuck in the hard to reach places of the tube. Solution = Grab a cup of hot water and leave the mascara tubes (lids tightly sealed) in the water for about a minute -- as pictured below. The hot water essentially melts the aged liquid formula in your mascara tube. *Ps, this solution also works well with your lip gloss tubes.*

And if you have wonderful long lashes like Nikki, you won't need fake lashes like I would with my wimpy lashes. lol

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