Monday, November 16, 2009

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

We're straight out of Los Angeles with two different.. i mean different styles but definitely a good sense of fashion :)

We both obsess over accessories, makeup and "steez" necessary to make an outfit. And this blog was started to express our different flares of fashion, trends, makeup, and basically anything that comes to our minds!

Nikki: she's not your typical O.C. girl straight from the BEACH. Don't let her long blonde hair fool you. She can definitely throw curve ball with her outfits and style. When it comes to accessorizing, she don't play! Bangles, rings, earrings galore. She loves to follow the genius style of Rachel Zoe (obvi) and the eclectic looks brought to us by Jessica Szohr and her character ,Vanessa, on Gossip Girl. Her edgy steeeeez will make you do a double take and I don't mean it in a bad way!

Nikki on fashion and style: I truly see fashion as ART! It's an opportunity to express yourself each and everyday! I mean, how cool is that? You're feeling girly and happy one day? Go ahead and put on that cute frilly floral dress. Maybe the day after, you're tired and a little down, but still need to be stylish, just throw on a t-shirt and dark skinny jeans with a handful of accessories, you're simple but still stylish! Ask any friend, they would probably first describe me as the girl with the bangles runnin up her forearms, haha. My belief is that any type of jewelry or other accessories can truly make your outfit not only that much more interesting, but will also give you the ability to make your outfit your own. That outfit you're wearing has now become your own created style. You can turn that simple top into so much more by adding flare! Therefore, many of my posts will probably include a focus on accessories along with the fabulous women who know how to Wear them!

Sarah: mixes clean class with a touch of street. Think Kim Kardashian infused with a little bit of Kid Sister. She likes to get her nails did, keeping things unpredictable. She's got structure and femininity with a touch of street attitude, no one can mess with her style! Whether deciding on what ghetto-FAB nail design to come up with next, to rolling the sleeves up on that business blazer, she's for sure on her ish and ready to own it!

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