Monday, November 23, 2009

Trend Much?

Okay, so as many of us know, tis the season for rock and sequined inspired looks, but after watching the American Music Awards last night, I felt less inspired to wear these looks more than ever! There are trends, and then there are trends. It concerns me when style seems to become more uniform than individualistic and creative; it just doesn't do it for me. I'm starting to wonder about some of these stars' stylists. Maybe they all shared the same one, or is it that many are not as creative as they should be?

Being that most performers wore black with some shimmering embellishment, the whole night ironically fell flat and lack luster, rather than glitzy and glamorous. There supposed eclectic styles became mundane and monotone. I'm not one to be such a harsh critic, but it's just a sad feeling when you know how many awesome designs are out there, yet nothing is being used. I'm all for the glitz and shine that comes with rock, but throw some color in there, mix and match ideas. Even after watching the performances, I unfortunately started to see the similar styles permeate into their productions, thus making so many performers imitations of each other. Overall, the glitz and glam fell flat and overused.

Though, some did "shine" above the rest... My absolute favorite look came from Sofia Veragas in her soft pink leather dress. She killed it for sure! Others include the ever fierce Alicia Keys, who did take a chance with the upcoming season's hottest color, Cobalt blue. And Carrie Underwood, who managed to still keep her "sweet girl" style in mind with a touch of rock, in this light metallic dress.

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