Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christian, who?

Christian Louboutin

When I saw these pair of Christian Louboutin's booties, my mouth dropped. Wow.. they are screaming HOT MAMA BOOTIES! lol. -- that's not suprising that I pray for the day that I get to wear my very own Louboutins. sigh...

However, something just hit me! I own a pair very similar to these. Oh Forever 21.. thank you so much! lol (of course they don't have the French signature red laquered soles. but it'll do!

I bought myself a pair last year, and not suprisingly Forever 21 brought them back into stock!  They also come in Grey, Purple and Brown. No leopard trim though :(
They are a STEAL for only $24.80 compared to Louboutin's $975 (ouuuchh!).
To be honest, the F21's booties did hurt a little on the arches of my feet because there is no platform. But they did become comfortable to flaunt day or night!

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