Monday, November 16, 2009


My other fave fashionista, drum roll please... The fabulous stylist herself, Rachel Zoe. I mean, if you don't have this woman included in any part of your fashion blogs, then you're a miss, sorry. Another lovely lady who loves her accessories! She can literally wear it all and it's, dare I say it, BANANAS! I definitely keep her bohemian, vintage-inspired style in mind when going out and putting my looks together. Whether she dares to wear fur with a sheer top and that adorable sequin beanie, she is fabulous! But it's not only her bohemian looks that are awesome, she's all about the glitz and glam as well! What girl doesn't love the shimmer and fantasy that sequins entail? IT IS OMG, Amazing! I love that Rachel can honestly throw all above-mentioned looks together, and yet still look so stylish and chic! She truly is fashion. You will always know a Zoe inspired look when you see it!

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