Friday, November 20, 2009

Fashionista Friday - Amerie

 is most definitely an underdog when it comes to celebrity status. You rarely hear people talk about Amerie on the topic of Fashion Icons (more like Beyonce or Rihanna).
However, Amerie is my girlllllllll (whooo! half Korean! ;) had to throw that in there haha). She's got great fashion sense. She's the one who started the short-shorts & stilletos. Go 'head withchur bad self! She's got great legs, so hey, i don't blame her!

I love the shorts and fishnet combo along with the red blazer! She owns it!

Whether its liquid leggings or tiny shorts, Amerie makes it her own with accessories and other pieces that compliment her edginess. Plus she's killing the shoe game. In short, Amerie should be recognized more as a Fashionista, in addition to her amazing fourth album "In Love and War" -- already in stores!
(photos courtesy of Elle and Complex magazine)

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