Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trendy Tuesday -- Asian Fusion

Is it coincidence or all theses "most-watched dressers have been venturing off into exotic territory and wearing a trend that we have affectionately termed Asian Fusion fashion"?? Kimonos, Asian infused jackets... What do you think of this trend?

In my opinion, I feel like only the daring designers and stylists will try this trend.. but I can definitely see a more subtle approach to this "Asian Fusion" trend picking up but not pieces that "seem like they could be souvenirs from a trip to the Far East"  haha
Designers such as Marc Jacobs (white/black kimono top pictured above) and  Vivienne Westwood (purple/gray dress) are channeling their inner Asian hahah. I can see myself wearing the lovely Vivienne Westwood dress forsure.

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