Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Look

Today, I felt a little more laid back.. and wore an H&M blue/white striped blouse with a brown Forever 21 belt, Zara skinny khakis, Chinese Laundry sandals with a couple of random bangles. (don't mind my little band-aid on the middle finger--cut it when i was chopping up onions! haha).
Oh and im wearing my new Aldo sunglasses (2 for $20!! hollllllla). hahaha. its has a tint of yellow on the snake skin pattern. prrrrettttty.


  1. i really like your outfit!
    & it matches today's beautiful weather!

  2. i gave you an award go to my blog and receive it =) && thanks for inspiring me

  3. cute outfit! love the nails as well :) xx