Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Own Affordable YSL's

By now, we should all be familiar with the amazing pump that YSL introduced to us last year. Now you can find a more affordable pair at Bebe for $149.00 as opposed to droppin' $795.00 for those at YSL.
-Click Here to get your own Bebe 'Liza' Platform Pump-
Bebe is now featuring a very similar look with three colors to add to your wardrobe: red, cream and leopard.
Last night, Sarah and I went on a little shopping spree and we had to stop in Bebe to try these puppies out.
Now, in all honesty, these pumps are not made for everyone! With there 7 inch heel, granted there is a pretty thick platform, these shoes do a number to your arch. Even just walking around the store, my legs and feet were put to the test. So, ladies, wear with caution and remember that sometimes, Beauty is Pain!
-I must say though, they will forever look so fierce and stylish!-

After trying to brave the 'Liza' Platform Pump, I came across the 'Ruthie' Platform Pump, featured below.
These were definitely easier to walk around in, and to be honest, these are more my style. The only sad thing is that they are not featuring all colors online. I actually ended up trying on the Red Leopard Print, similar to the blue below. They were soooo hot and let me tell you, it took all my power to put them back and not purchase them on the credit card, haha!
They are also sold in white and black leather or blue and brown leopard print.
-Click Here to check out the 'Ruthie' Platform Pump for $139.00 - $159.00, depending on color/print.-
*Don't be so shocked if by next week, I end up with the Red Leopard Print!*

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