Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Looks

Sarah just picked up this White Linen Blazer from Urban Outfitters, which is perfect for literally all seasons! I must invest in a new one as well, reeeeal soon! Her romper is also from Urban Outfitters (geez, a walking ad for them, Sarah, haha). Awesome tights from American Apparel, and flat black boots from Steve Madden. She made these tights office appropriate by downplaying them with the flat boots, and keeping things conservative with a blazer! Supa Cute!

After posting about the Trendy Layer looks yesterday, I decided to try this out for myself, but in thinner layers for this So Cal weather. I didn't want to use heavy layers, lol. Anyway, My tan suede coat-jacket is from Old Navy, as well is the scarf. Shrunken white cardigan from Forever21, vest is from an Australian boutique called Fashion Femme, and the plain white shirts are from Target by Hanes. Leggings are Forever21, flat leather boots by Franco Sarto, and the socks are argyle thigh highs that i scrunched under the knees.
For a little comparison, or more layer ideas, click here for yesterday's post.

I mean, seriously, How freakin awesome are these Earrings? Sarah, the fabulous and ever-so-thoughtful person that she is, got these for me for Christmas! She totally surprised me with them!
I like how the earrings just add that touch of color necessary for my neutral layered look.
Earrings are by Etsy! Thanks Sarah, I love them oh so much!


  1. Sooo cute! Reminds me of Miss Wax Jewelry. What etsy shop did she get these from?

  2. I know, righht??! When I saw these on Etsy it was such a good deal.
    check em out -->

    looks like they are out of em, but they have other "inspired" jewerly!