Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nails Did -- Lace

Picked up some lace trim a looooong time ago at MOOD Los Angeles wanting to do a fancy lace nail design. I've been putting this off for about 300 years, lol. but finally... I did it. I did not wanna over-do-it and added the lace on top of my Essie "Flirty Pink" (bright neon pink) on only two of my fingers!
What do you think?? I'm kinda loving it, im not gonna lie :D

Here are a couple other ways you can LACE yo nails..

You can lace up all ten of your fingers... Check out Fresh Fiend's version of lace nails HERE (pictured above)

Or... lace up the tips! soooo cute!
Check out Sharlene's tutorial HERE 


  1. Hi Cherish!

    ooh ooh ooh i love it!

    this is def going on my blog!!

    <33 Sharlene

  2. i like the lace tips. they look fun! ;)

  3. duly noted. time to stock up on some lace. haha that would also look nice if you put one or two rhinestones on it.