Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Help Haiti

Upon receiving my email updates from Rachel Zoe and the unfortunate events that occurred in Haiti, Rachel Zoe has added to the list of multiple ways we can help support funds for this country. I recently purchased this bracelet/necklace from the site she provided, for $10. I made my donation, and when I look at the bracelet it humbles me and reminds me of what's important; helping others first!
For more information on how to help or get one for yourself, click here.


  1. I had no idea Rachel Zoe was doing anything like this! The bracelet looks really nice. I was actually just about to make a donation when I stumbled across your blog! I'm glad I did! I think I might go this route instead.


  2. Oh Yay! First of all, glad you stumbled across the blog, haha. But super happy you're interested in donating as well. Glad we could spread the word about these bracelets/necklaces. Rachel Zoe is awesome for getting involved in something like this!