Monday, February 22, 2010

Makeup Monday -- Coco Rouge

I've been looking for a new lipstick for a long long long time... I'm more of a lipgloss kind of girl but I am opening up my horizons to bigger and better things like... CHANEL COCO ROUGE
(perhaps? haha)
Then I saw the sneak preview from Makeup & Beauty Blog of the Coco Rouge collection debuting February 25, which is this Thursdayy!!!! now.. I'm in love! <3 <3

Cambon 31, Legende 11, La Pausa 08, Mademoiselle 05, Perle 02

These babies are so.. so.. beeeeaaaauuutiful. I'm definitely eyeing Mademoiselle and Perle. But you can NEVER and i mean never judge a rooooouge by it's color.. you should always make sure it matches the shape of your lips, skin tone and overall compatibility... etc. Catch me at a Nordstrom in LA copping atleast ONE of these lovely ladies. haha 

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