Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Wear Tribal Wednesday

Sarah and I just so happened to wear tribal dresses today, coincidence? Definitely not! (Actually it was, haha)
Nikki is wearing a flowery/tribal design dress by Ran*Tees from Nordstrom. (This was a nice, hand-me-down dress from the roomie; I thought, there is no way I'm letting this dress go!) Metallic Wedges are Steve Madden.
Sarah is wearing a more traditional tribal, strapless dress from Forever21. She would like to mention it was purchased last year; another example of how recycling can be useful! Her nude sweater is from H&M and sandals, in brown, with cute roses, are from the GAP.
Check out previous posts about tribal pieces HERE. In our opinion, the tribal theme is a perfect look for the spring/summer wardrobe.


  1. thanksss girrrrl :)
    i love how we're posed exactly the same with our hairs swept to one side!! LOL