Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nails Did -- Black & Neon

So Nikki's birthday was yesterday (hence the lack of posts hehe)  
This weekend, Nikki and a friend of hers, Brian, are celebrating with a "B" and "N" theme. So basically wear whatever you can think of that falls under a B&N outfit!
Some examples for you: Baby Ninja, Natasha Bedinfield, Brown Necktie, Belligerent Nerd, Nude & Black, Norwegian Bartender, Belgian Nurse, Neon & Blue, Nuts & Bolts, Naughty Baker, Bald Newscaster, whatever the hell you can think of!
so i came up with Black and Neon!
i had to start this themed business with my NAILS, obviiiiiii. I kept it simple with the design because I didn't want to look too "teenager"-ishh.. Because you know you can still keep it Classy in Neon.  Check out our previous blog entry to see examples of neon ensembles, here.
Anyways, in staring at my nails... it started to remind me of a certain Jimmy Choo sandal I posted earlier...
i still think the black n neon combo does not work on those heels, but hey! Its Jimmy Choo!!  

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