Monday, April 12, 2010

Make-Up Expiration

When To Let Go...

It's time to admit it, we all have some beauty products that we've just held on for too long! It's just too hard to let go sometimes. But, when health and hygiene is involved, just close your eyes and drop that mascara in the waste-bin!
The following site,, gives great insight into how long you should keep certain make-up and other beauty products in your collection. Sarah and I found this to be very informative, and it should help to settle that curiosity you've had regarding this topic.
Even if you're afraid to get rid of those more expensive products, we've come to realize that it's better to only spend a bunlde on those products that will not outlast their expiration date! For those products or colors that you tend to use sporadically, and thus have a higher chance of outlasting their time, buy at Target or other similar stores. These stores sell products that are just as worthy as many of the leading make-up companies, and won't break the bank either!

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