Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday Wear

 For Wednesday's outfits, Sarah wore a black blazer with sleeves cuffed, from Urban Outfitters. Her green tank top (which we won't discuss the fact that she wore green during the LAkers finals week, haha), is also from Urban Outfitters.  Her leggings are American Apparel and black sling-back pumps are by Steve Madden.  Accessories from Arden B.
Nikki's white top is from Nordstrom, gray vest with tie in back, is from Fashion Femme boutique in Australia, and the blue and white striped cotton skirt is from a Buy, Sell or Trade store in Orange County.  Gold bib necklace is from Forever21, and bangles from Hawaii, Forever21 and H&M.
Summer is all about wearing your hair in a variety of braided styles.  Here is one I attempted Wednesday morning.  
I started off with parting my hair down the right side on the top of the scalp, then french braided the right side and continued to the back of my scalp.  I then took the remaining hair from the left side and bunched it into a bun, took the braided piece from the right side and wrapped the bun with the braided tail piece, and Voila!

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  1. I really like your should do a tutorial on it.