Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Wear

Sarah and I apparently channeled each others' thoughts when deciding on what colors to wear for today's outfits. The fun thing is that we're definitely showing off our own individual styles, comparing my take on black and white vs. her take...
Nikki is wearing a long black skirt from Express, (one of my favorite pieces due to its versatility; most days I actually wear it as a strapless dress), nude tank from Old Navy and white sweater from Forever21. Accessories are from H&M and Forever21. Black wedges are Aerosoles.
Sarah's donning a crisp white button up from Express (see how we switched it up? haha, her top is from Express, whilst my skirt is from Express = just a great store for all your needs!) Her black skirt is from H&M and her black wedges are by Golden Pony. Her bracelets are from Forever21, which are actually necklaces that she decided to convert to bracelets for today.

These are Sarah's newest earrings from a beach boutique in Miami! They are especially perfect for summer! To me they resemble Latin art inspired by the sun! Sarah apparently heard different when she was told they look like onions, lol, (I disagree)! Her response though, "I like onions!" --awesome!

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