Monday, May 17, 2010

Makeup Monday -- Colored Mascara

What do you think about colored mascara? I am honestly torn... I feel like its soo 1999!
Pictured below is Maria Menounos and Rihanna wearing these vibrant colors on their lashes...
I feel like its an outdated look but I have been seeing makeup brands like Urban Decay, Estee Lauder & even YSL. Would you rock colored mascaras?


"Embrace it sister!! Colored mascara is a great makeup tool. Especially for summer. When mother nature turns up the heat do you really want to put on layers of makeup. No! So a great way to add that pop of color without going overboard on the makeup is to use a brightly colored mascara! Do a nude or light shimmery lid, little eyeliner and a fun colored mascara, little bronzer and a light lip... you are ready for a warm summer day or night on the town. If its still too much for you ... how about just adding it to the tips of your lashes. So there is still a little color but its not too 80's pop looking!!" - Robin Cricket -

**ooooh yes, Robin knows what she's talking about :)

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