Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alice + Olivia for Payless

Nikki and I wandered into Payless for to kill some time and we both came out with a pair of these fabulous Alice + Olivia for Payless platform gladiator sandal! (comes in black, as pictured below). Little did we know that Alice + Olivia's summer collection just debuted in stores!
The prices are super great and it's a well respected designer name. We both feel in love with the comfort and fierceness of the sandal! We both opted for the olive/army green instead your same ol' black, as it is perfect for this spring's neutrals and military look.
Click here for more styles available online and in stores!
These bad boys go for about $40 a pair! (and you might get lucky with Payless' great promo's of Buy One get One Half Off!)


  1. i know. i was telling rachel about this. i have to go back later cause they didnt have my size