Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nikki on a Thursday

Thursday's fun fit includes a loose white T from Nordstrom, olive green pants from Old Navy, cuffed myself, blush ruffled vest from H&M, I absolutely love it, and braided strap heels are by Calvin Klein.  Accessories are from Forever21 and Maui bazaar stands.
I recently noticed a hot trend for hairstyles is the headband braid.  I thought, why not try it out on myself?  Voila! I feel pretty good about this one I made today--first time!  Then I finished the look with a cute curled ponytail. 


  1. love the braid! it's so cute =]

  2. I love braided hair, but the problem is I cannot do it to my hair. I really need someone to fix that braided hair for me. A braided hair is perfect to look in my green sweater. A cool outfit with a cool hair.